Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, sweet friends!  Have y’all been out planting trees today, or what?!  Well…I haven’t, but I did enjoy an afternoon listening to beach-y music outside on the deck.  What a perfect day to celebrate our beautiful Earth!  Speaking of celebrations, we celebrated Earth Day as a class on Friday.  First off, we talked all about the different ways we can work together…and by ourselves…to make a positive impact in our environment.  After all, WE’VE got the WHOLE world in our hands!  It takes a lot of people doing a lot of little things to make big changes in the world!

After we made a little “rough draft”, I got the kids to stamp their prints on a large earth shaped piece of poster board.  I used my planning time to type out our anchor chart responses and then hung this up in the hallway…I’m totally out of space in my room!!!

earth day4-1


Since we’ve been learning about cause & effect, I thought it was the perfect time to practice what we know with a little Earth Day cause & effect flip flap.  It was a great, quick way to assess who was still struggling with this concept!

earth day1-1

earth day3-1earth day2-1

We read this book….


And then we followed up with this little craftivity.  I used to make these with my kids when I taught Kindergarten and it was always one of my favorite activities!!!

earth day5-1

earth day6-1  earth day7-1  earth day8-1

Such a fun way to end the week!!  Now we’re off to enjoy the rest of Earth Day as a little family of four!  Have a GREAT week!!


  1. Love all your Earth Day activities! I especially LOVE the cause and effect flip book!
    Stories From Second

  2. I love all your activities. Especially the poster at the top!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. Oh so cute!
    painting is just SO FUN! and requires lots of sighs, squeals, and clean up but again SO FUN!!!
    I adore your ideas!

  4. Love the handprint Earths! I also haven't seen Earth Day -Hooray and I love his books, have to add it to my list!
    Fun in K/1

  5. Cara, I love that little flip book. Do you have it in your TPT store?

    primary practice

  6. Love the flip book idea! That's exactly what we are working on this week too!

    Krazy About Kiddos

  7. Love all your ideas...thanks for sharing!!

  8. I like the We've Got the Whole World in our Hands poster! I especially like the cause & effect flip book. Would love to find out where you got it. You always have awesome things to share. I can see why you have so many followers.

  9. adorable as always! what is the font used for your earth day promise?

  10. I love the hand print poster! Definitely doing that next year :) Thanks for the ideas!


  11. As always, I LOVE all your ideas! So cute!

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  13. Love it!! Everything is so cute! :)

  14. What are the fonts you used on these activities? I love them!

  15. Great Work!!!! I really enjoy your blog!!! Keep up the good work!!!! sharon.washington96@yahoo.com

  16. I love the group poster! What a great idea!! :)
    A Frenzy of Fun in 1st Grade

  17. Hi Cara, We made those little flip books and had so much fun! They turned out really cute and I loved that it was a simple project which could be completed and hung in the same day!

    My emails to you are probably buried in your inbox because you must get hundreds a day. Just wanted to let you know that I checked your blog and TPT store for the Earth Day flip book printable, but couldn't find one.

    I made a flip book based on yours, credited you for the idea in my blog post and on my printable. I also linked back to your post here. Hope this is ok. {Let me know, if not.}

    Thought I may have a better chance reaching you through the blog. Have a great week!


  18. What a wonderful activity! Thanks for sharing! Please check out and join my blog dreamswillfly.com. Thanks, Renee
    P.S. Your blog is beautiful!

  19. Loved the poster so much I tried it with my kiddos!!

    *TAG* you're it! Come check out my latest post on Mrs. Stanford's Class to see how to participate :)



  20. All my favorite ideas come from you, and these will all be among them!

    Delighted in Second

  21. How do you do your display board with the clothespins? I love it! Did you hot glue them to the bb paper?

  22. We are going to do Earth Day after testing. I can't wait to do a couple of these activities! Thanks for sharing!

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  24. Your art project is so adorable. I made the header for our kindergarten teachers! Thank you~Theresa

  25. So cute! We are working on some of these ideas this week. Where do you get your cute fonts and what are they called??